Thursday, February 16, 2012

the SCHOOL like NO others.. are u?? Hope everybody was fine..that's is long journey while i'm not write anything here..a lot of things happened to me. 2 months before, i'm working with LHDN, the place where i know what is the meaning of "WORKHARD" hahahhaa..working there gave me thousand of exprience, meeting new friends, dealing with people, be able to manage time, sharing the happiness and painful together! that short time i had learned a lot of things. Then one day, my friend call me and told me about interim teacher, she said that is the programme before we go to posting. My heart keep saying.."Are that is the best decision that i have to take?" With my job right now, i'm feel working at LHDN is more better that excepting this offer (in dilemma) hahhaha..i'm keep praying to God may all the best choice upon me!

finally..i'm made my mind to accept the interim programme. Waaaaa..what the surprise decision i had made. one week before i'm leaving, i'm feel vey sad, yeahhh..i have to separated with my close friends, the bad things that i haven't feel before!!! But, they keep gave me support and motivation, hoping the best for me, the best choice that i have to take. Thanks God for giving me direction wherever i need You..

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